Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chicken Sandwich at Sanagan Meat Locker

The recently opened Sanagan Meat Locker in Kensington Market is sleeker, cleaner and more modern than its predecessor, European Quality Meat.  It offers a wide selection of high quality meats, including great looking steaks and unique sausages such as wild boar with pistachio and red wine sauce.  It is obviously a big hit with its customers, since the store is always packed and you have to take a number and wait for your turn.

There is also an excellent hot food counter that sells sandwiches, salads and fries.  The consensus seems to be that the roast chicken sandwich is the favourite.  Moist pieces of chicken covered in a mayo-based remoulade sauce, a piece of salty, crispy chicken skin, lettuce and tomato are served on a fresh bun.  It is reminiscent of a sandwich from Porcetta with its crackling, but made with chicken–maybe it should be called a "Chicketta" sandwich.  The fries are also excellent–thin, crispy and seasoned with salt and chives.

Unfortunately there is no seating in this meat shop, so you are left to eat it while standing in a stall with a small ledge for a table.  Good thing the sandwich tastes so good that you would probably have gobbled it up quickly anyways.  Other sandwiches offered include a Korean pulled pork, grilled steak chimchurri, roast beef with cheddar and mushroom gravy, sausage with tomato jam & peppers, and a ham, salami, turkey with dijonaisse.  While you can pay by credit card for buying meats, the deli counter is cash only.  The sandwiches are $7 or $9.50 with fries.

Sanagan Meat Locker
Kensington Market
176 Baldwin St.

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