Friday, May 24, 2013

Catch Seafood Restaurant

Catch Seafood restaurant proudly advertises that it only serves sustainable fish and seafood of known origin.  This gives an additional reason to eat at this restaurant–the primary reason being that the food is very good.

The menu was divided into sections labelled "Sides", "Small/Medium", "Large - Fish & Shellfish", "Large - Not Fish or Shellfish", "Whole Fish", and "Feast", with each additional section offering progressively larger portions.  Examples under "Whole Fish" included 2 pounds of halibut and 5 pounds of trout.  The "Feast" section listed 15 to 25 pounds of wild striped bass, and their speciality which they call Gout–oysters stuffed in a trout stuffed in a goat!  You need to give 4 days notice and be ready to drop over $600 if you are interested in these items.

We actually preferred the sound of the choices on the "Small/Medium" section and decided to order several selections from there.  It was a good plan, since the offerings turned out to be surprisingly substantial and more than sufficient.

I started with six pieces of perfectly seared tuna, drizzled with olive oil, topped with mint, watercress and goat cheese.   Rich had two giant seared scallops with grilled prosciutto served on a tasty cheese sauce.  His scallops were so sweet and flavourful that I regretted not choosing them, but I really enjoyed my starter as well.

For our "main" course, we both ordered the lobster roll, which I thought looked tiny when it first arrived.  But then I realized that while the bun was small, it was literally overflowing with large chunks of succulent lobster–an excellent proportion of bun versus lobster.  The meal also came with a hearty salad and crispy home-made potato chips.

The highlight for us was actually the "side" dish, which consisted of shredded pieces of brussel sprouts mixed with real crab meat and provolone cheese.  This dish was absolutely delicious and I found I preferred eating brussel sprouts in this shredded format.

Since we really enjoyed our meals, we ate every bite.  As the waitress was clearing our plates and offering us dessert, she made the comment about how much we were able to pack away.  Feeling unjustly labelled as little piggies when we only ordered items from the "small" and "medium" sections, we were nonetheless shamed out of ordering any dessert.  We probably would not have had dessert anyways since there was nothing particularly interesting on the menu. However the waitress didn't do herself any favours if she was trying to make this sale...

744 St. Clair Ave West

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