Friday, August 23, 2013

Marianne's Sausages

Who would have thought that one of the most interesting street vendors in Toronto would be situated on "Hospital Row", the stretch of University Ave. just south of College St.  The sausage stand even has a name–Marianne's, as shown at the top of its lengthy menu.  In addition to the usual Italian pork sausages, the menu also offers such exotic choices as Halal beef, jerk chicken with coconut sauce and onions, vegetarian tofu, and wild meats such as elk, bison, and wild boar.  The jerk chicken sausage is my favourite, as it is moist and juicy and deliciously spicy with a good kick to it.

The prices are quite reasonable, at $7 for the wild meat sausages, and $3-5 for the other choices.  Potato, sweet potato and quinoa salad are offered as sides.  Depending of the day of the week, specialty sandwiches include pulled pork, peameal bacon, and roast beef sourced from Barberian Steak House.

One of the most popular menu items is the "Love Plate" which consists of a sampling of the various items.  The plate includes half of a jerk chicken sausage with the trimmings, choice of baked or sweet potato, and choice of quinoa salad or another half of one of the wild meat sausages.   All of this is topped with a dollap of sour cream.  The plate was apparently so appealing that a passerby asked us what we had and actually took a photo of our lunch.   

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