Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Debus Nouvelle Indian Cuisine

When you think Indian cuisine, do you imagine the standard fare of butter chicken, kormas and curries? If you are looking for something new and exciting in Indian food, Debus Nouvelle Indian Cuisine is a place to try. The menu is very small, offering only a couple of choices for appetizer and entree, and changes frequently. But what is offered is refreshingly unique compared to other standard Indian restaurants. Even traditional items are served with a special flair and presentation and taste.

We started with the best vegetable pakora I've ever had, served as a towering mound stuffed into a papadum basket. The pakoras had an extremely light panko-bread crumb-like coating and I was fighting Rich over the last ones. It was presented on a pretty tear-drop shaped dish with dabs of various sauces that were delightful both visually and to the taste buds. This was followed with a tandoori shrimp salad consisting of huge succulent grilled shrimp on a bed of greens and tomato.

The main course offered either chicken or halibut "served three ways". We opted for the halibut and got a minature fish and chip (note - not chips but one big chip), a fish cake with mint sauce and pan-seared halibut crusted with tandoori spices and curry leaves. Being able to try small amounts of different items really appeals to me. Rich ordered the same thing so that I wouldn't be able to steal of sample of his meal.. I've noticed he's used this trick quite a bit lately!

Rich ended the meal with Rice pudding which I just had a small taste of, since the Chinese-ness in me can't get used to rice being sweet. Given how often the menu changes, you can go back repeatedly to try new things. Entrees run from about $16-22 while appetizers are $10 and up. This is a great place to get a new dining experience in Indian cuisine.

552 Mount Pleasant Road

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Nicely done, the pictures are very sumptious. Anusha