Friday, October 01, 2010

Grilled Cheese - Kensington Market

Tucked away on a little side street off the main drag of Kensington Market is a little restaurant called "Grilled Cheese" that sells gourmet variations on the grilled cheese sandwich, for prices ranging from $6 to $10. Served on a choice of breads, you can try sandwiches such as Mushroom madness (Cheddar & portabello), Pizza Grill (Basil Pesto, provalone, spinach, peopperoni and bacon), The Beast (Jalepeno, Monteray Jack, Baccon, Turkey, Onion, Tomato and so forth.

When Rich and I found this place, we had actually just finished eating a light dinner around the corner and were going for a stroll to walk off the meal. With chagrin, we went in to inspect the options and told the server regretfully that we had already eaten, so maybe next time. We walked out of the restaurant and almost got to the curb before we simultaneously decided that it would not kill us to split one small little grilled cheese sandwich as "dessert". Back in we went and sheepishly ordered the "Grilled Motzy", which had mozzerella, basil pesto, sundried tomato and arugula, on rye bread. The sandwich came with a pickle and some potato chips. While the sandwich was tasty and having veggies in my grilled cheese made me feel healthier, what I love is the concept! This is something that even the amateur cook could make at home, given the proper ingredients.

The grilled cheese sandwich seems to be quite in vogue these days and there have even been grilled cheese recipe contests. In fact, our niece Lindsay placed second with her winning recipe of gorgonzola, chevre noir, and sliced pears on german white bread with a sweetened horseradish ... yum!

66 1/2 Nassau St
(647) 347-7062

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