Sunday, January 30, 2011

French Onion Soup - Jacques Bistro du Parc

I love french onion soup but find in many restaurants, it is often too salty. For me, a good french onion soup should be slightly sweet, with tender caramelized onions, a crusty slice of french bread and an abundance of gruyere cheese that is nicely browned on top, but gooey and flavourful when you dig into it.

One of the best french onion soups in Toronto can be found at Jacques Bistro du Parc in Yorkville. For $8.95, you get a delicious bowl of soup sweetened with probably a good dash of sherry, and enough cheese to accompany every spoonful of broth. The quality of this soup rivals what we've had in Paris, and the Parisian decor helps you feel like you are actually there. A seat by the window of this second floor restaurant gives you a great view of the ritzy shops on Cumberland Street. The dinner menu looked good as well, but on this occasion, we were just after a quick snack to warm our bones and fortify our bellies before heading back out into the cold blustery winter day.

126 Cumberland Street (2nd Floor)
(416) 961-1893


Roderick B said...

This truly is one of the best French Bistros in the city of Toronto to dine. French food at its very best.
Thanx for posting

French course said...

Jacques Bistro du Parc is a great place to eat authentic French food in Toronto. Reasonable price.