Monday, May 23, 2011

Chocolate Almond Croissant from Epi Breads

Rich and I have had a lot of experience tasting chocolate almond croissants in patisseries across Toronto.  We've tried ones from Rahier, Patisserie Sebastian, Patachou, Nadege, the now defunct French Quarter, among others.  We've even had them in various patisseries in Paris.  Thus far, our favourite is still from Epi Breads at Bayville Ave. and Millwood Rd.

The croissant at Epi Breads has just the right combination and amounts of chocolate and almond so that you get both tastes in every bite.  The almond flavour comes in a rich gooey almond paste that blends in with the creamy dark chocolate that is not too sweet.  The actual croissant is light and flaky as opposed to doughy and is topped with a crunchy almost cookie-like topping, which includes actual almond slivers and is dusted with icing sugar.  This croissant, a cup of bold coffee and a newspaper is the perfect way to spend a weekend morning.

As inferred by the name, Epi Breads also offers a fabulous selection of fresh white, wheat and multi-grain as well as specialty breads.  These include 3 types of cheese bread, pumpkin cranberry, walnut, pecan fruit,  black olive and more.   My other regular purchases include a great artichoke hummus, a tasty mushroom soup and their cranberry lemon loaf cake.

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