Friday, June 10, 2011

Caplanskys Delicatessen

Caplansky's Deli serves up smoked meat sandwiches reminiscent of Schwartz's in Montreal.  For $12, the sandwich combo consists of mounds of shaved meat, nice fresh bread, coleslaw, a pickle,  and choice of side salad or fries.  Condiments included dijon mustard, which was a nice touch.

The side salad is a good helping of mixed greens, tomato and sprouts that is plenty to share between two people, and the fries are just as I like them - thin and crispy.  Then I saw on the menu my two favourite food words - Mushroom and Gravy!!  Now I am in heaven with savoury gravy containing chunks of mushrooms to dip my fries into.

The already reasonable meal was made even more affordable by a Groupon for $20 worth of food at the cost of $10.   And then final touch that made this an amazing dining experience for me was the bathroom signs.  I have a collection of over 100 sets of photos from around the world of quirky bathroom signs depicting men vs women's bathrooms.. This one featuring owner Zane Caplansky is now up there as one of my favourites since they made me laugh out loud when I saw them.

Caplanskys Delicatessen
356 College St West

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Bernie said...

Great post, Annie! I love a good deli! I must get there soon.