Saturday, October 15, 2005

Organic Ice Cream in Kensington Market

Let's assume that you have a craving for ice cream, but you're an adult. Most ice cream vendors tend to sell overly sweet concoctions that appeal to the average 10 year old. These often have some ungodly additions such as sprinkles or even gummi bears.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an organic ice cream parlour located inside Sanci Tropical Foods in Kensington Market. Without a kid in sight, I was able to examine the rather unusual flavours. These included Ginger chai, Vanilla cardamom (East Indian spice), Chocolate ginger with chocolate chips and Rose petal vanilla. For a real kick, I sampled the Chocolate Doo Dah, which combines chocolate, coffee, and cayenne pepper. What I first tasted was a pleasant chocolate flavour, followed by a strong coffee hit, and just when I started to think that the cayenne was absent; that's when the heat kicked in with a vengeance. They also make savoury ice creams such as Blue Goat, which combines blue cheese with goat cream and sun-dried tomato. Savoury ice creams were popular during the Victorian era, and I have seen some in Italy.

For those who are less adventuresome, don't worry; they also have less scary flavours such as Dutch chocolate and Tempo, with consists of green tea, white chocolate and raspberry. The organic, homemade ice cream is available in small, medium and large containers, where the containers are the old fashioned cardboard Chinese chop-suey takeout boxes. Two scoops in a small container costs $3.50.

So go to the market, enjoy the ice cream, but leave the kids at home and don't ask for sprinkles.

Sanci Tropical Foods
66 Kensington Avenue,
Toronto, ON M5T 2K1
Tel. : 416-593-9265

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