Saturday, October 15, 2005

Takara - Japanese Dining - OUT OF BUSINESS

While not in the same league as the high end Japanese restaurants like Hiro Sushi or Edo, Takara is one of the better mid-range Japanese restaurants that I’ve been to. It offers an impressively large selection of menu items at fairly reasonable prices. Choices range from sushi, sashimi, bento boxes, hot appetizers and complete dinners including teriyaki and tempura courses, soup and salad.

I've been to some places where the sushi is one big rice ball with a miniscule portion of fish. Takara's sushi contains significantly more topping than rice. They offer all the traditional types sushi including nigiri (oval shaped rice with topping), maki (rolls), hand rolls, as well as 22 house specialty rolls. These are the ones I usually get, as I now find the traditional types of sushi boring in comparison. My favorites are the Gold Dragon Roll (Deep fried shrimp, cucumber, avocado, tobiko and salmon; 6 pieces for $7.95), Spicy Tuna Roll (Tuna, green onions, tempura butter and some spice that has a kick to it - $5.95), and the Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab and cucumber- $9.95).

Takara offers free deliver for orders over $25. Better yet, you get a 15% discount on pick-up orders over $5, which is great for me since I live across the street from the restaurant. Considering I'm also saving on the 15% tip for a sit-down dinner,
this is a 30% savings overall.

On the weekend, they offer an all you can eat 'buffet' for $11.95 at lunch and $19.95 for dinner. You order the choices of from a menu and get freshly prepared food, rather than normal buffets where serve yourself from pre-cooked food getting cold and dry sitting in serving trays under hot lights. The buffet includes sushi, tempura and many other appetizers. While it is 'all you can eat', you must eat all that your order or you will be charged full regular price for any dish not fully consumed.

Takara Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1502 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4T 1Z6

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Archimedes Trajano said...

Try the following:

Sushi Bong (I hear its good, but I haven't gone there yet)

Sushi Ya - Newmarket at Davis and Yonge, about a 20-30 minute drive from 3600. This one is good, but pricey.

Hokkai-ya - If you want cheap and plentiful at Bamburgh Circle. My regular is the $34.50 (after taxes) sushi platter, its about 50 odd pieces. Good for lunch for one Archie :)